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we are crowdfunding!

With overwhelming local support, and the need for a shop in the Parish, it is proposed that the premises known as Summink Different be acquired to be used as a site for a new shop.

It is proposed that a part-time manager be appointed, supported by local volunteers, providing retail services and possible a cafe hub to help make the site a cornerstone of local life and an addition to the local economy.

A business plan has been prepared to support the project. Start up costs to cover the purchase of the lease, legal fees, shop fitting, initial stock, and a contingency fund to provide a stable financial foundation are estimated to be £85,000.

Funding is now being sought. It is hoped this will be achieved by way of donations, supported by ‘match funding’ that has already been pledged. If needed, this will be supplemented by a Community Share scheme.

Visit our Crowdfunder page to make a safe and secure donation to the project. For other ways to donate please contact the steering group.

Why did we choose Crowdfunder?

In our effort to bring the community shop to life in Downderry and Seaton, we’ve chosen to use Crowdfunder as our primary fundraising platform. Here’s why this decision is crucial for the success of our project:

Accessibility and Ease: Crowdfunder allows us to reach not only residents of Downderry and Seaton but also friends, family, and supporters far beyond our local area. This platform makes it incredibly easy for anyone, anywhere, to contribute with just a few clicks. Whether you’re in the village or across the globe, you can support us without the hassle of banks or postal services.

Transparency and Trust: Using Crowdfunder ensures that all donations are processed securely and transparently. Every penny donated is accounted for and can be tracked by donors. This transparency builds trust and keeps everyone informed about how much we have raised and how close we are to our goal.

Real-Time Updates: With Crowdfunder, we can provide real-time updates about our fundraising progress. Donors can see immediately how their contributions are making a difference and how the campaign is evolving day by day. This instant feedback loop is motivating for everyone involved, keeping the momentum going.

Engagement and Community Building: This platform isn’t just about collecting donations; it’s about building a community around our cause. Crowdfunder allows for interaction through comments and shares, and it encourages a broader discussion about the value and impact of the community shop for Downderry and Seaton.

Safety and Security: Handling cash, cheques, or direct bank transfers requires significant administrative effort and increases the risk of errors or security issues. Crowdfunder provides a secure, straightforward way to donate, ensuring that financial data is protected and the fundraising process is seamless and safe.

Maximising Donations: Lastly, many of our supporters prefer using digital payment methods. Crowdfunder caters to this preference, facilitating a smoother and faster donating experience, which helps us maximise our fundraising efforts.

How You Can Help

Visit our Crowdfunder page today to make your contribution. It’s quick, easy, and makes a real difference. Together, let’s bring the heart back to our villages with every donation. Join us in this vital initiative to not only fund but fuel the spirit of our community!

About Crowdfunder: fees and tips

Crowdfunder is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, which provides best practice guidance for setting up and running a fundraising project.

When making a pledge or donation, you have the option to leave Crowdfunder a tip. You can choose how much or how little you give, or if you even want to tip at all!

The platform relies on the generosity of those who can contribute, providing tips to support operations. 

Through voluntary tipping, Crowdfunder secures the means to cover platform costs, ensuring ongoing functionality. This tipping mechanism empowers Crowdfunder to maintain and enhance services, enabling the support of thousands of projects to make great things happen! Additionally, tipping has enabled Crowdfunder to eliminate platform fees for charities, as well as personal and not-for-profit causes.

More information can be found here on the Crowdfunder website about why they ask for voluntary tips as well as how you can easily opt out with one click if you prefer not to tip.

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