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Fundraising launch for Downderry Community Shop

The fundraising campaign to bring a community shop to Downderry and Seaton launches officially on Saturday 11th May 2024.

The campaign aims to raise £85,000 within eight weeks to establish a community-owned shop that will serve as a vibrant hub for locals, day-trippers, dog walkers, second-home owners, and holidaymakers alike.


Why a Community Shop?


Downderry and Seaton, with our thriving community, breath-taking views and serene beaches, find ourselves in great need of a shop that sustains the villages.

The absence of Downderry Stores has been deeply felt since it closed in September 2023, and the proposed community shop aims to reconnect the village, offering not just goods and groceries but a place of connection and a warm welcome to all.


A spring to success


The fundraising campaign is a two-month sprint to make this dream a reality. Every donation beings us one step closer to revitalising the villages with a shop that embodies both convenience and community spirit.


How people can help


-              Donate: every pound adds up! Generous donations could make all the difference between the community shop becoming a reality, or the villages remaining without a shop altogether.

-              Spread the word: Share the campaign with friends, family, and on social media to help the campaign reach all those who love Downderry and Seaton and want to see the villages thrive.

-              Get involved: The campaign is on the lookout for volunteers to help run the shop when it opens.


All donations to be used for the Downderry Community Shop project. In the event of failure to secure a site for the shop, donations will be used for other community projects. Please contact the steering group via the Contact Us page with any queries or for further details.

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